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“I have been using 5 star for 3 years now and I will not use anyone else. I can count on a perfect (if that’s possible) job every time. He cleans my personal residence when necessary and all my rental units. He has been called in to re-clean a rental on several occasions when a competitor who may have been less expensive is used by the tenant and the difference can be seen. I have seen them perform miracles on heavily soiled carpets. His company has saved me a lot of money by getting extra years of use from my carpets. If a carpet can be cleaned to a level of satisfaction 5 Star can do it. You will not be disappointed.”


Honest and Friendly Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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We use a six step process when cleaning your carpets, beginning with vacuuming and ending with pile grooming and a big smile as we leave. We aim to be very professional in all we do because we want to clean for you again. We guarantee our work 100% and look forward to talking to you. We will try to find your concerns before we start the job.

Most customers have different needs, from just a light cleaning to a major urine restoration. Our principle way of cleaning is the truck mounted steam extraction method. 90% of the carpet mills prefer this method over dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. Rotary extraction (rx-20) and the hand wand is used in conjunction with the steam cleaning. Commercial portable equipment is sometimes needed in areas where the truck mount is impossible to use.

The use of chemical based cleansers is a concern these days. We use a non-toxic, allergenic free cleanser for our everyday day use is that is safe for children and animals.

Some of our customers simply want us to clean with hot water (220 degrees) and without cleansers, which actually turns out very nice. Some stains can only be removed by degreasers and solvents but they are thoroughly rinsed. We want you the customer to feel comfortable with whatever cleansers we use, and we have a large selection of safe products to do the job.